Do These Crazy Adventures Before Summer Ends or Regret It All Winter

Don’t go on a standard relaxing vacation with nothing special about it


A big part of the excitement of travel is going somewhere you’ve never been or trying something you have never done, so consider branching out this summer.

Whether you want to tour your dream beach spots, live like a local in an offbeat location, go on a rugged adventure to push your limits, or just see Paris, chances are you’ll have to save money, make reservations, and do some research about what cool ventures your destination offers.

Step out of your comfort zone and book a trip that will change your life, or at least your passion for travel. If you haven’t taken a vacation yet, consider this: You are already traveling and spending money, so why not explore new destinations where you have never been before and experience adventures that you can’t find just anywhere.

A few examples are trying waterfall kayaking, soaring above the sea, snuba diving, and bungee jumping off Africa’s highest bridge.

You can also choose to break from the crowd and go somewhere that is far from typical. Such places are obscure, awesome and perfect for your summer trip.

Click here for the 15 crazy adventures to do before summer ends

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