The Craziest Winter Adventures around the World

Spice up your winter vacation


Winter is all about skiing and snowboarding. Don’t limit yourself to tradition when you can test your physical limits, conquer your fears and stimulate your imagination with what will certainly be one unforgettable experience.

Exhilarating and very unusual sports are organized all of the time, but some take the concept of thrill-seeing to a whole new level.

Making vacation plans and getting ready to stroke your wanderlust have been scientifically proven to improve health. Staying home is not an option because new quests loom on every corner.

You don’t have to describe yourself as a traveler with extreme or exotic tastes to enjoy the crazy adventures on the following list. Who wouldn’t want to go on a hot air balloon ride above Mt. Everest – a “budget-friendly” excursion that will cost you almost $5 million?

If you can’t afford that, consider being dropped off by a helicopter for skiing or fat-biking in Wyoming. Ice climbing is growing in popularity and is by now one of the most dangerous recreational activities ever. Some heroic pursuits are actually organized to raise funds for various charities.

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