The Best Time to Visit Iceland & 49 Other Hot Travel Destinations

Don’t ruin your well-deserved vacation by going at the wrong time
The Best Time to Visit Iceland & 49 Other Hot Travel Destinations

A nice and relaxing vacation is a dream come true, except when you go at the wrong time.

Islands, archipelagos, lake towns, mounatins, beaches – they all boast marvelous surroundings from lavish jungles, soaring mountains to even active volcanoes you can actually hike.[slideshow:104563]

Time tends to move slower there when you’re visiting as a tourist, which is making these spots ideal escape from the big city you probably live in.

All of these make some places extremely popular with tourists. And they tend to flock there at the same time - when the weather is nice and when the kids are out of school.

Usually, a good time to avoid a tourist hot spot is during its peak season. But it also depends on what you’re willing to compromise. Are you OK with saving money on your trip but not seeing as many attractions? The good news is that not many places will force you to make that choice.

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