Best Off-Season Travel Spots and What to Do There

Have the time of your life while saving money and avoiding big crowds


Traveling in the off season is a good way of exploring the world while saving your sanity, because there are fewer crowds, and bank account. Airfares are cheaper, discounts are easier to find, upgrades are even free sometimes, and dining and entertainment is affordable.[slideshow:102594]

The more popular a place is, the more crowded and commercialized it becomes; and its peak tourist season is when the weather is the nicest.

Summer is not always the peak tourist season. Besides, most activities and adventurous options are available every day. The lack of people is what makes a trip better.

Since you are already traveling and spending money, why not explore new destinations where you have never been before and experience adventures that you can’t find just anywhere.

There is a “best time” for many crazy adventures, but some can be experienced year-round. If slightly cooler or hotter temperatures are not a problem for you, then you’ll get to cross an adventure off your list for a lower price, too.

Click here for 15 of the best off-season travel spots

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