The Best Scuba Diving Destinations in the World

Take a look at some unique places to explore the deep blue sea


Scuba diving is a fun and thrilling activity that most people would love to do one day. It may be the best way to experience marine life and touch centuries-old shipwreck remains.

It offers an escape because it’s something people do in isolation - alone or in small groups - and away from everybody. The views are astonishing and rare. The experience is unforgettable.[slideshow:85536]

Imagine a more exciting story than the one in which you casually mention that few people will visit the place you just came back from because of challenging conditions, narrow spaces, and extreme depths.

Other dives are family friendly, perfect for beginners and adventure photographers. With more than 6,300 PADI dive shops worldwide, choosing where to plunge and explore is a very difficult task.

The destinations on the following list have been selected based on all of the above and location.

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