The Best Places for Americans to Take a Vacation Right Now

Don’t let the summer go by without taking a proper break from the everyday chaos


Summer is almost over; there is time for one more adventure. You’ve saved up your hard-earned money and vacation time, and it all comes down to one question:  Where are you going to go?[slideshow:102262]

Don’t opt for the always-popular beach vacation; instead choose the often overlooked mountain town. You may be surprised how refreshing, yet audacious and thrilling, your trip will turn out to be. If you’re really looking to satisfy your appetite for exploration, you’ll need a truly exhilarating destination.

A big part of the excitement of travel is going somewhere you’ve never been, so consider branching out. As the weather heats up even more in August, it’s time to make a decision.

A beach vacation is a must. It is a very relaxing way to regroup and clear your mind, according to science. A new study has found that residential exposure to visible blue space, like the sea or the ocean, is associated with lower psychological distress in a capital city, even if you don't realize it. But you can pick a coast where crowds are non-existent and that offers a lot of opportunities for adventures.

Click here for 15 of the best places to take a vacation

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