The Best Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Best Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Every state has a city with a spectacular hike or crazy active adventure you should try; but some stand out more than others.

National parks, valleys, canyons, mountains, rivers peaks and/or pristine beaches to hike, climb, camp and wander are very often not far from cities.

These activities are available year-round, not just during peak vacation times. With a little creativity you can turn any urban area into an outdoor mecca to enjoy adventurous sports. Some  make it easier because they are surrounded by water, mountains, forests or historic sites.

The following list is based on data analyzed by Niche. The ranking takes into account key indicators of a location’s environment and surroundings, including air quality, local weather, and access to natural amenities and outdoor recreation.

The biggest factors considered include number of nearby forests as well as state parks within 100 miles and national parks within 200 miles. How many campgrounds, beaches, and skiing facilities are available within 50 or 100 miles has also been assessed.

Click here to see the 20 best cities for outdoor enthusiasts in the U.S.

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