40 Things to Do This Summer If You Love the Outdoors

You will never want to be inside all day and just watch TV
40 Things to Do This Summer If You Love the Outdoors

Summertime opens up the opportunity for spending more time outside.

Being in parks and in the wilderness in general is one of the best ways to cope better with stress, feel happier and have more self-esteem, according to science.[slideshow:104384]

Whether the summertime turns you into a total beach bum or you’d rather enjoy the warm weather amidst the wilderness, there are many activities that will help reignite childish curiosity, which probably got lost in the mix around the same time you started dreading family vacations.

Every city and state has or is very close to national parks, valleys, canyons, mountains, rivers peaks or pristine beaches to hike, climb, camp and wander.

Every city most likely has many recreational hiking and biking trails, camping and walking opportunities that you may have never heard of. They may also “hide” rock climbing locations, swimming and other water sports venues.

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