17 Ideas for Adventurous Dates to Surprise Your Sweetheart

17 ideas for adventurous dates to surprise your sweetheart


If you and your sweetie aren't the type of couple that enjoys sitting around but would rather be outside being active or experiencing new adventures, why should your dates be boring? Dinner and a movie can be nice, but if the way to make your loved one's heart flutter is to go for a run, scale a mountain or pick up a new skill, then you should plan an exciting adventure activity for your next romantic rendezvous.

17 Ideas for Adventurous Dates to Surprise Your Sweetheart

A great way to deepen your connection with your sweetheart is to share something you love. You can either arrange for them to learn about one of your favorite pastimes, or better yet, indulge in one of theirs. Another way to increase your bond is to learn a new skill together. Something physically challenging or mentally engaging can create some flirty competition or help you rely on each other.


If you want to break out of your routine on a birthday or special occasion or just want to surprise your special someone just because, these 17 adventure date ideas are a great idea