15 of the Coolest Cabins in the World

Have all of the countryside spoils literally outside the door


As the weather gets colder and it begins to feel a lot like winter, people start to plan a ski trip or a weekend getaway to a tropical destination. Why not go to a cozy log cabin and experience nature in a refreshingly authentic way?[slideshow:92412]

An off the beaten path mountain escape may be just what you need to break out from it all and rejuvenate for the months ahead. This type of thrill – staying at pastoral lodges set deep in nature near ski resorts and in the middle of lush forests – is a real bliss. All of the countryside spoils are literally outside the door.

Travel back in time to the Viking Age and stay in massive wood structures with basic amenities; or seek refuge from the chaotic everyday life in a luxurious cottage with hot tubs and spas.

An unforgettable trip often starts with accommodations – hotels on the edges of cliffs, huts, treehouses, tents at dangerous locations, or remote cabins. How about a place where you literally have your own slope so you can ski in the middle of the night, if that’s what you’re into?

Whatever your preferences are, you can’t deny that there’s something inherently romantic about a cabin all on its own, surrounded by miles of wilderness.

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