The 15 Best Island Vacations in the Whole Entire World

You wouldn’t mind being stranded on one of these beautiful and adventurous paradises


Islands are often a preferred destination for an adventurous vacation. They offer miles of breathtaking beaches, small and big waves that will satisfy an experienced surfer as well as an inexperienced swimmer, and unspoiled wilderness for audacious travelers.[slideshow:96838]

Big and small isles surrounded by water keep visitors enchanted with perfect weather, water sports quests, and lots of sunshine. Time tends to move slower there, making for an ideal escape from a big city’s hectic everyday life.

Atolls invoke dreams of paradise – sublime colorful sand beaches, rustling palms, turquoise blue water and serene seas. Their appeal doesn’t stop there. They boast marvelous surroundings such as lavish jungles, soaring mountains and active volcanoes you can actually hike.

Imagine yourself kiteboarding and windsurfing or exploring ancient caves. Swim in a mighty waterfall even though the only way to get to it is by hiking through a bamboo forest, which is an adventure in itself. Island getaways offer action-packed opportunities for an exotic and exhilarating vacation.

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