15 Adventurous Tropical Vacations for People Who Hate Winter

Winter doesn’t have to be a bitter pill to swallow


Winter is an ugly and unforgiving experience for many people. Cold temperatures, snow storms, wet feet, heavy coats – picturing yourself in a shorts walking on the beach and sipping drinks seems like an impossible dream. The need to get away from the city grows.[slideshow:97021]

Don’t spend another minute trying to fight the winter blues during cold dark morning. You don’t have to endure it any longer. Jump on a plane – you may be surprised how many airlines offer huge discounts this time of year – and find yourself in flip-flops, heading to a scuba diving center, for the ultimate thrilling adventure – swim with the sharks.

Some of the locations on this list fit in the “last-minute destination that will not cost you fortune” category. Experience two exciting cultures in one vacation; see the splendor of some remote, untouched and naturally beautiful beaches; go on a surprisingly thrilling whitewater rafting adventure, or consider adventurous day trips, such a catamaran cruise.

If you have some vacation days saved up, now is the time to think about escaping the winter and heading to a warm, tropical location. Choose a destination with a temperate climate and you can spend your days working off any extra “Christmas cheer” weight by hiking, swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling.

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