15 Adventurous Reasons Why Alaska Should Be Your Next Bucket List Destination

Explore America’s wildest state


Alaska does have breathtaking mountains and many Siberian huskies but tourists may be surprised to find that the Last Frontier is much more than a piece of land that borders Canada, braves cold climate for a big part of the year, and has lots of bears.[slideshow:102198]

The state has it all in every sense of the word— natural beauty and adventure combined to make even the biggest fans of tropical island vacations want to stay forever.  The 49th state not only boasts an incredible array of audacious activities.

Alaska, which is the biggest state in the country with more than 663,000 square miles, is home to some of the most magnificent terrains in the U.S. It is just waiting to be explored. More than one million visitors come every year to experience the state’s wilderness, its lush landscapes, and astounding abundance of voyages.

Just a short trip will have you see more than you could have imagined. You’ll be planning your next trip to Alaska on your way home. The state will turn a stubborn tourist who just wants to sit back and relax into an adventurer and explorer. 

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