2018 Travel Bucket List As Told By Industry Professionals

Trust the experts if you can’t choose you next adventure trip
Bucket List Travel Destinations, Ranked by Top Travel Professionals

Trends – other than people’s love for travel – come and go, so you may as well try to stay with them before change inevitably occurs.[slideshow:104160]

Adventures who explore new frontiers and are willing to challenge traditional sightseeing and vacationing are going to have a fun year.

The following list is based on a diverse collection of hidden gem locations and exhilarating activities from every stunning corner of the planet assembled by Flight Network.

To create the World’s Ultimate Bucket List for 2018, Flight Network has consulted 800+ of the world’s leading travel journalists, agencies, bloggers, and editors – the people who do this for a living – to gain insight from their opinions and expertise.

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