The Best Places to See Penguins, Polar Bears, Whales and More

What is your spirit animal? Would you like to see it in person?


One of the purposes of traveling is expanding your horizons, learning about new cultures and making new friends. What if your next contacts are exotic representatives of marine life?

A thrilling vacation can be a lot more than marveling at jaw-dropping panoramas, walking among ancient monuments and eating foods the names of which you can’t even pronounce.[slideshow:99667]

Consider an inspiring and exciting adventure where the focus of your attention is not a history lesson but swimming with sea lions, diving with sharks or taking pictures with penguins.

This is the perfect holiday in case you want to travel during non-peaks seasons – many sea animals thrive in colder temperatures, which is great if you want to see them in their natural environments, and migrate in the fall.

Unlike a road trip, however, you need to plan these expeditions. It can sometimes be hard to spot them because certain animals move all the time between feeding and breeding grounds. Your best chance is to contact a professional and local tour company; its guides will know the best viewing hot spots.

You may have to go on a ship. To see polar bears, the world’s largest land predator and an animal, for example, boat trips offer the greatest chance of success.

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