20 Vacations to Take Between Jobs



Years ago, a huge worry was the so called “resume holes” – you didn’t work for a period of time and it looked like you were lazy or unemployable. “Now it’s completely acceptable and often makes you a more attractive job candidate if you take some time for a trip between jobs,” Lee Abbamonte, the youngest American to visit every country, says.

“It’s a good talking point in any interview and makes you seem more real to an interviewer,” he adds. Plus, there’s a good chance some or all of the recruiters have been or want to go where you went. This will change the subject from the usual “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” in your favor, Abbamonte says.[slideshow:98857]

Southeast Asia and Europe are among the most popular international destinations for tourists. “These are especially good if you haven’t traveled much,” Abbamonte says. “If you’ve already done these well-ridden places, then try East or Southern Africa for a little more adventure and slightly less comforts of home.”

Travel is always better with friends to share the memories with, but be careful with whom you are traveling. As Mark Twain once said, Abbamonte adds, “you don't know whether you love someone or hate them until you've traveled with them.”

Still, if you plan to travel solo, head to Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia because you'll meet so many people, he adds. “Latin America and Africa are better with friends as journeys can be long and there are more dangers to feel safer in numbers.”

If you only has one chance to go somewhere for one or two weeks, go to Western Europe, Abbamonte says, because you’ll see all the stuff you've seen on TV your whole life. It’s not that far away and everyone speaks English, [and] you'll amazing things. “Get your big toe wet as I say.”

Regardless of whether you are a workaholic, a college student, a travel expert (who doesn’t have a job right now), or a chef, Southeast Asia is perfect for you because it offers so much at different budget levels, according to Abbamonte. “You could travel for months on a few grand if you wanted, plus there’s always so much to see – several different cultures, and of course, the food is amazing!”

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