15 Reasons You Should Never Take a Cruise

Think again before you book your cruise

People flock to cruises because they are excited to take a vacation where they have the opportunity to visit more than one destination. But one of the things they forget about is the limited time they are allotted at each destination. Wouldn’t you rather just stay at a hotel and enjoy your place of interest without feeling rushed?[slideshow:82302]

High winds, a rocking ship and rain are some of the many weather conditions you need to watch out for. Be careful when traveling to the Caribbean. There is a high chance you will get stuck in the middle of a hurricane. Oh, and don’t even think about your off-shore excursions. Bad weather usually means cancelled adventure trips and more time on the boat.

Cruise ships are cashless – you better hope your credit cards are paid up, because ships don’t accept cash anywhere on board! If they are paid up, you have to be careful and keep track of your spending. Before you know it, you will have racked up more money on your credit card than you could have ever imagined.

If all of that isn’t enough to stop you from taking a cruise, I have 15 more reasons that will convince you!


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