The 15 Best “Non-Disney” Places to Travel with Children

Stretch your imagination and you’ll be happy to discover unlimited opportunities


Where can you take the littles ones if Disney is not high on your travel bucket list? The answer can easily be “anywhere else” to parents who are not looking to spend a fortune on a few days of entertainment, juggle massive crowds of overexcited children high on sugar, or wait in line for hours for a ride that lasts a minute or two.[slideshow:98795]

On top of that, going on a trip with kids can be a rough experience. They often have an attention span of a few minutes and get bored easily. But you still want to take them somewhere, except Orlando, and entertain them.

Planning such vacation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You will feel like you “hit the jackpot” with certain destinations that offer all kinds of adventures – from snorkeling in beaches with exuberant marine life to playing rangers in national parks, hiking active volcanoes, and learning about Earth and history in interactive museums.

Turn family getaways into a fantastic experience for everyone, including the parents. You can still take the car and go to the beach, but you can go to one that also offers rocky coasts, clear turquoise waters, and active adventures such as kiteboarding or even hand gliding.

So, next time you find yourself unwrapping school supplies and masterminding healthy school lunches, think about where to take the kids for some real fun.

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