The Craziest Adventures on Cruise Ships

The Craziest Adventures on Cruise Ships


The Craziest Adventures on Cruise Ships


Young people’s increased interest in cruises has forced companies to think outside the box and reinvent their ships to suit more than 100 people’s individual tastes at the same time and place. The result is incredible thrills you can experience in a span of just a few days.

Scuba diving


Get your PADI scuba diving certificate on Royal Caribbean ships if you didn’t get a chance before. No other cruise line offers that chance. You don’t have to go into the ocean; the ships have onboard PADI Five Star Dive Centers where guests practice to become certified as part of their vacation.

Huge masts

Star Clippers Cruises is known for its sailing ships. That means huge masts. Conquer your fear of heights and climb 68 feet in the air literally to the crow’s nest. One of the best parts of the trip is that you get to be a deckhand, take the helm, raise and lower the sails, and take a turn in the watch rotation. The Star Clippers focus on offbeat tours in Europe and the Caribbean.

Tallest water slide

Get onboard Harmony of the Seas and try the 10-story slide known as, “Ultimate Abyss,” tallest slide at sea and also an epic adventure. It is more than 150 feet above sea level and offers side-by-side slides that send guests down 10 decks at a rate of 9 miles per hour.

Formula 1

Virtual reality became a thing after MSC Cruises included it on its ships. They are famous for their realistic Formula 1 simulator. You literally get in a race car, take the wheel, and drive down a track. You see pretty much nothing but the screen in front of you, which makes you feel as if you really are chasing Lewis Hamilton.


Surfing onboard is one of the most popular activities on cruise ship that people of all ages enjoy. The Royal Caribbean has the famous surf simulators known as the FlowRiders. They send water a very high speed across a small area that mimics what it is like to surf in the ocean.

Try a flyboard


Strap on jet packs and soar high above the water like a superhero. This cool water sport is also becoming one of the most exciting adventures on cruises. Take a flight and have a great time. You will be standing on a board, usually connected to a jet ski, as you are pushed up into the air so you can do all kinds of flips and other stunts. Several cruise lines are now offering flyboarding as part of the whole experience.

Sleeping on deck

How about sleeping on deck under the stars on a Balinese bed? You may have never seen a sky so clear and a view more enchanting. The SeaDream offers this unique feature for couples. 


Many new vessels have incorporated breathtaking ocean views via lounges and suites with panoramic windows and all kinds of other adventures. Adding to the laundry list of ocean-centric features is the SeaWalk on Princess Cruises, according to Cruise Critic. It is a 60-foot-long enclosed glass hallway that juts out over the side of the ship, allowing those walking on it to watch the ocean glide by 128 feet below them.

Ice skating

Many Royal Caribbean ships now have ice skating rinks. There is usually no extra fee to use them. You can also book s lesson with a private instructor. The rinks are not very big, which is understandable. After all, you are on a vessel. The Studio B rink is sometimes used for ice shows as an entertainment.

Kayak with whales


With Quark Expeditions you can kayak with whales and see penguins building their nests. How would you feel if you had to navigate through a maze of icebergs? This cruise will let you know. Plus, you get to see all the Antarctic Peninsula attractions. Do you want to discover the seventh continent and ice break your way through the Antarctic? You can sled over the frozen water (and hope the ice doesn’t crack).

Rock climbing

The rock climbing wall is a signature onboard activity that Royal Caribbean has become well-known for. The 30-foot rock wall offers different tracks all of which are free to use. For advanced climbers, Royal Caribbean will offer advanced climbing sessions, speed-climbing competitions and for teens, and tournaments.

Largest ropes course at sea

Norwegian Cruise Line’s largest ship ever, the Norwegian Escape, offers features the largest ropes course at sea, a 3-story multiplex of challenges complete with two planks and five Sky Rails, zip tracks that allow guests to soar through the air.

Jet skiing

SeaDream Yacht Club is your cruise if you’re really into jet skiing. Imagine going fast on a jet in the middle of the ocean where the only thing you see for miles is water. The sports platforms also have sailboats and kayaks. This cruise is just like traveling on a yacht.


Royal Caribbean brought the first ever skydiving simulator so you can learn how to practice this extreme sport. A glass wind box, which is 23 ft. tall, acts as the flight chamber. The view and feeling are incredible.

Dance-only cruise

Oleg Chegodaev/

Aventura Dance Cruise is the world’s first and largest Latin dance cruise. All you do is party dance – day and night. You also get to take classes with professionals and watch shows while you’re taking a break. You get to learn Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Zouk, Kizomba, Reggaeton, Latin Pop, and Merengue. This cruise is a social event more than anything else. It unites dance enthusiasts who want to explore the Caribbean in four days. 

Ice Bar on board

Who says you get to spend time in an ICE BAR only in the winter? The Norwegian Cruise Line’s different ships feature one onboard – the first at sea. Everything is made of ice – the bar, seats, glasses, and the decorations. It’s just 17 degrees there but you’re drinking – you guessed it – ice cocktails.

North Star

The exclusive Royal Caribbean’s North Star elevates you high above the ship, revealing 360-degree views of the ocean. Step into the North Star small, jewel-shaped capsule and ascend over 300 feet above sea level to take in breathtaking views of the ocean, the ship, and the exciting destinations that you visit along the way.