Adventure Travel Tip: Did I Pack It?

One pro's tip for packing everything you need—where you can find it

“As a collector of gear it is easy to forget I have stuff. And when I do it is even easier to forget to pack it. And when I pack it, how do I find it when I need it? To me the key is not only what to pack, but how and where to pack it.  That is why I use the ‘have it - packed it’ checklist.

First I make a list of everything I think I am going to need and bring. Before throwing everything in a bag I lay everything out. This way I can see how much stuff I have and what size bag it will all fit in. 

Then begin to ask the question, ‘Do I really need it?’ It is always good to edit out stuff before you go. ‘Light is right.’ This is the ‘have it’ portion of the process.

Then once I start to put it in my bag I mark it off as ‘packed it.’ This helps me remember where I packed it so when all of a sudden I need that itinerary or tool I know exactly where I packed it.  An enjoyable adventure is an organized adventure.”

Alan Feldstein owns Infinite Safari Adventures. As a member of the Explorers Club, Adventurers Club of Los Angeles, a kayak guide and instructor, Alan has been exploring the world for years and has packed a lot of stuff.

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