ActiveReplay Gets $2.1 Million to Launch Active Sports Tracker

Skate, surf and snow trackers have yet to hit stores in mass quantities, will “Trace” be the first?

ActiveReplay has been working on funding for “Trace,” a device that would track skateboarding, surfing and snow sports. According to, the company filed paperwork on Monday that stated they had raised $2.1 million in seed money. ActiveReplay had an initial goal of $150,000 on Kick Starter; through 1,080 backers they were able to raise $161,260. According to their page on Kick Starter, they are scheduled to publically release Trace this month.

Trace is a tracker that attaches to your board and tracks movement using GPS and inertial sensors. The device is about the size of a Reese’s peanut butter cup and both the device and its mount can be removed and used on multiple boards. Like fitness trackers, Trace works in coordination with an app to track, display and share data with your friends or anyone else in the world. The device will track speed, distance, jump height and rotation among other aspects of the individual sports.

“Trace makes action sports measurable, shareable, and comparable,” says the site.

ActiveReplay has past experience in action sports technology and tracking. They were the company behind AlpineReplay, an app and social network for snow athletes to track and share accounts of their runs. According to ActiveReplay, this site “has become the largest network of skiers and snowboarders on the web.”

Both projects were overseen by CEO Dr. Anatole Loshkin. Prior to his work in ActiveReplay, Loshkin helped found the GPS company Magellan and is one of the foremost experts GPS and inertial sensor capability.

Now that the startup has the brains and the funding, it will be exciting to see if and when Trace makes it onto store shelves.

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