The AT50: Surfer Stephanie Gilmore (#20)

5-time champ gives the record books a run

Age: 25
Sports: Surfing
Highlights: 5-time world champion on the Women's ASP World Tour (2007-2010, 2012); Won the inaugural Swatch Girls Pro France in 2010; youngest-ever inductee into Australia's surfing hall of fame, and Southern California's
Quote: "Carissa, look after [the trophy]. I'll let you borrow it."
Fact: When she was 19, Gilmore was the youngest-ever person, male or female, to win a world title.
AT50 Point Total: 42

Fresh off Stephanie Gilmore's 2012 win in the Women's World Championship Tour, the question on everyone's lips was not whether she's the best female surfer in the world—that fact is widely accepted—but how many more titles she's going to win in her career.

This 25-year-old Aussie surfed her first pro event as a wildcard at age 17, won her first world championship at 19, and has tacked four more titles onto her total since. The first four came consecutively during her first four tours, by the way, something no other man or woman has done in professional surfing. She’s the youngest-ever inductee into not one, but two surfing halls of fame (So Cal’s and Australia’s) and, if she continues on this course, may become the most decorated female surfer of all time well before she turns 30.

Hell, if Gilmore keeps shredding waves like she is, she could give 11-time men’s champion Kelly Slater a run for his money—not that there's any ill will. Asked by the Sydney Morning Herald in 2010 if anyone can beat his record number of titles (then ten), Slater responded, "I think Stephanie Gilmore will."

"She's tried for four world titles," Slater added, "she's won four and there's no one out there right now whose telling me or showing me they're going to beat her anytime soon."

But Gilmore's passion for the sea goes beyond her dominance in surfing. Gilmore, along with Slater, is on the advisory board for ocean eco-activists Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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