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On the scanner: Clean trails, a jam jacket, Carstenz Pyramid, 25 reads, Shark Week...and "boots"

Canada's authoritative Explore mag profiles Rossland, BC, "Canada's Alpine Town." Rossland boasts some great hiking, courtesy of the Kootenay-Columbia Trail Society, which has a fulltime summer staff of seven at work maintaining trails. There's also the Seven Summits mountain bike trail, not to be confused with the actual Seven (see below), and the expert-friendly Red ski area, "the planet's best collection of lift-serviced tree skiiing." reviews the North Face's Gonzo Jacket—a foray into free-skiing apparel that grabs some style but maintains TNF's "hard-nosed mountaineering mentality." Or, in other words, "whatever your steeze, this jacket has you covered like jam on toast." We saw, and liked, the Gonzo at a TNF preview last winter in NYC.

What's the most dangerous of mountaineering's Seven Summits? Steve Casimiro suggests maybe it's the relatively lowly Carstensz Pyramid, in Irian Jaya, Indonesia. That's because climbers are now in some danger of being kidnapped and held for ransom.  

Gadling has a roundup of the 25 Best Contemporary Travel Books, including some recent classics by Paul Theroux and Bill Bryson, as well as our friends Mark Adams (Turn Right at Machu Picchu) and Kira Salak (Four Corners), which have little in common but great writing and 90-degree angles in the titles.

Time for an adult conversation about Shark Week? Nah, not really. But when you've had your fill and want to put things in perspective, remember that there are (at least) 11 Animals More Likely to Kill You Than Sharks, and that the whole thing, according to TAT contributor Tetsuhiko Endo, is kind of like porn. In a bad way.

Minimalist hiking boots? Sounds like jumbo shrimp to us, but Gear Junkie Stephen Regenold points out that if you're looking for something between trail runners and heavier hiking boots, a new generation of hiking minimals offer the better support of hikers without all the bulk. But he doesn't seem convinced. Having experienced dubiousness by GJ firsthand ourselves, we dissect his posts carefully and noticed he used quotation marks describing one of the "boots."