Nutrition Tips from Biker Rebecca Rusch

Staff Writer
The Queen of Pain offers some simple advice for fueling up for long rides recently posted an interesting interview with legendary endurance racer Rebecca Rusch, who follows a custom nutrition program worked out by her coach, the director of athletic performance at Red Bull, and sports nutrition guru Allen Lim. As a three-time winner and current record-holder of the Leadville 100, last year’s singlespeed champ and a three-time 24 Hour Solo world champion, whatever Rusch is doing, it seems to work.

In the interview, the so-called “Queen of Pain” dishes some simple baseline metrics for properly fueling for optimum race-day performance—ie: take in 20 to 24 ounces of water and 200 calories per hour—plus, Rusch offers an electrolyte analogy anyone can understand: “Your calories are like the gas in the car,” she tells writer Brian Fiske. “The electrolytes are like the oil. You need both for the car to run efficiently.” Read the full interview at