Young Brazilian Wins at Lowers

Gabriel Medina bests 96 others at Trestles
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Gabriel Medina (Brazil), 18, took the top spot at the ASP Prime Nike Lowers Pro last Saturday, May 5, defeating surfing vet Glenn Hall (Ireland), 30, in the finals. Medina earned some of the top scores in a week of competition at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, CA. He garnered the only perfect 10 score during a ride that knocked Adrian Buchan (Australia), 29, from the semifinals, and earned the event’s highest heat-total—19.80 out of 20. The young surfer is the second consecutive Brazilian to win the Lowers; Miguel Pupo (Brazil), 20, took first in 2011.  

“It’s just such a good wave, and it’s one of my favorites—I don’t have words to explain how I’m feeling right now," Medina said. "I’m stoked.” We could've guessed...

John John Florence (Hawaii), 19, also performed well, finishing third.

Click here for a complete set of scores from the ASP Prime Nike Lowers Pro.

Via Transworld SURF.

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