The Active Feed: Ice Avalanche on Annapurna

Hungarian climber presumed dead
Staff Writer

Annapurna strikes again: On Saturday, May 5, Tibor Horvath, a member of the Hungarian Annapurna Expedition, was reportedly killed by an ice avalanche just above Camp 2, as he descended the mountain.

Horvath had earlier radioed that visibility was bad, that he was walking in fresh, deep snow and that portions of fixed rope were missing—potentially from avalanches—but that he was “optimistic about the rest of the descent.” According to expedition press officer Szabolcs Vincze, “Tibor didn’t reach Camp 2, and he didn’t use his radio anymore,” ultimately concluding that Horvath had been buried by an ice avalanche.

Annapurna is the 10th highest peak in the world but is also, statistically, one of the most dangerous. This year, the mountain has been besieged by avalanches.  

Via ExplorersWeb.

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