The Active Dog's Holiday Gift Guide

11 wag-worthy gifts for your adventure-loving pooch

When it comes to outdoor adventures, many of us wouldn’t think of leaving home without our favorite four-legged friends.

Dogs play an integral role in our active pursuits, joining in as we run, bike, ski, hike, camp—and everything in between. Indeed, none of these activities would be the same without Rover.[slideshow:828]

Bringing your dog with you to enjoy the great outdoors is a win-win. Not only do you gain a unique partner who will keep pace without complaint, your loyal companion gets the necessary exercise to keep him or her healthy for years to come. What’s more, a tired canine is a happy and well-behaved canine, which makes life easier when you return home.

But while dogs may not be gearheads like their human counterparts, bringing them on outdoor adventures can require certain equipment: jackets to keep them warm when temps fall, reflective items to keep them in sight, travel accessories for overnight adventures and all manner of technical pieces to get them ready for activities like skijoring and sledding.

So when you’re crossing items off your holiday shopping list, don’t forget who’s been a really good boy or girl this year. Check out these 11 great gift ideas for active pooches that’ll get them wagging their tails and ready to hit the trails.

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