Active Animals: 14 Cute Pets Working On Their Beach Bods

Even our cute furry friends are working hard to stay fit this summer

Summertime workouts got you down? Finding it difficult to get motivated to stay fit in the unbearable heat? Well, rest assured that you are not the only one working hard to look good this summer.[slideshow:1016]

Beach season is upon us, and we all want to look great and feel great out on that sand. And when I say we all want to look good on the beach, I mean ALL of us, Spot and Mr. Tickles included.

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Little did we know that our pets had to work up to keep their cute figures, too. Because, winning over the hearts of their humans is a real job. It takes at least a few chest presses to keep them looking good when they apologize for the ripped up toilet paper left all over the bathroom floor. And precious, sleepy yoga poses make up for all the dead mice they scatter around the house.

So, here we’ve compiled 14 of the absolute cutest pets working on their beach bods for the slinky suit season. They know how hard it is to look as good as they do, but they stay fit by making fitness fun and adorably photogenic.  

From Upright Bunny Rows to Hamster Hamstring workouts, these little critters can teach us a thing or two about exercise. But, most importantly, they make working out so darn cute. Click through to get inspired by the adorable furry friends that know how to achieve their best beach body.

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