Active Animals

Active Animals

Work Those Beaks

The key to maintaining that chiseled chin is working those beaks. Now up and down and up and down, really nod your head with it. 

The Ball of Fur Pose

Catarina Cowden

This yoga pose works that core flexibility. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and maybe take a quick cat nap to really hold the position.

Upright Bunny Rows

Keep your ears tucked back and get lifting. Toning your arms is a piece of carrot cake. 

Trunk Mudder

Go outside and play. Getting that beach bod is irrelephant if you don't know how to have some fun!

Teach Me How to Doggie

Got two left feet? It won't matter. Get up on those hind legs and dance around to tighten up those thighs. 

Pawsitive Motivation

Put on your favorite work out gear. Motivating yourself to get on that treadmill might be ruff, but your beach bod will be pawsitively awesome because of it. 

Gym Rat

Hit the gym. Find a weight that you can push and work those hammies. 

Doggie Paddle

Swim fast or slow, don't terrior your self up about it. Doggie paddling offurrs fitness and fun.

Up Cat Pose


I'm not lion. Yoga really does the trick. Strenghten your body and mind with some well-groomed yoga poses. 

Catch a Wave


Take a break from catching frisbees, and catch a wave at the beach. Surfing is a pawsome way to stay fit this summer.

Check Meowt

You'll be bringing all the cats to the yard with those super ripped arms from chest pressing. 

Kitten Climbing

Catarina Cowden

Similar to rock climbing, the kitten climbing technique focuses on your arms and core. Add some cattitude and make it a race to the top.

Go Big or Go Bone

Impress all your furry friends with an epic deadlift. You will be rocking the beach as one hot dog. 

Press Paws Raise

Catarina Cowden

Take a break from watching TV and do some paw raises. Even the simplest mewvments can make all the difference.