Lace Up!

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National Running Day
National Running Day

June 6 marks the fourth National Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday of June. Sure, pounding the pavement (or the trail) is probably routine, but the day marks a chance to get more involved with the running community, to sign up for a race or just to remember why you love to get outside and pump your legs.

Of course, social media isn’t far behind. Facebook or tweet why you run by finishing the statement, “I RUN…” and using the hashtag #RunningDay. Tell The Active Times why you run by tweeting at us (@theactivetimes) or posting on our Facebook and using the #RunningDay hashtag (#TrailRunningDay also accepted—and encouraged).

After the big day, we’ll pick our favorites and feature them on the site (and probably retweet you in the process). So, run on!