9 Remarkable Fitness Startups

These concepts will change the way you stay fit

Time and time again we’ve all heard that story about our parents walking to school, in the snow, uphill, both ways—we get it, life was tough. While you may be getting sick of the battle over which generation actually has it worse, remember that we’re living in an age of limitless opportunity—just not when it comes to the job market, or the environment, or public diplomacy, but what do those things matter?

They don’t, but your health and fitness absolutely does.

Luckily the health and fitness industry has been improving and expanding, giving way to less traditional business models. The one-size-fits-all gym of the past is long gone (now if we could only get rid of those totally inaccurate stories our parents tell). There are more options in personal fitness than ever before and in many cases, everyday people are coming up with some of the most ingenious ideas.

Fitness startups have come out of nowhere in recent years; people have quit day jobs to pursue their dream of making the world healthier, clubs have formed to motivate people on a national scale and someone even managed to figure out a business model that allows people to earn money for charity simply by working out.

New technology brings devices to life that were science fiction a mere decade ago. Everything from fitness trackers to an automated posture coach is on the market, ready to improve your health. Bluetooth headphones—that don’t even go in your ears—are a concept that is becoming a reality right now.

We live in thrilling times and we all have to admit that technology, access to information and lifestyle improvements are at least some of the benefits for our generation. After all, it’s pretty clear that older generations are just jealous we’re able to experience the benefits of fitness startups while they got all their exercise by walking up hill in the snow.

See the best fitness startups here.

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