9 Moves Guaranteed to Get You Your Best Butt Ever

Incorporate a few or all of these exercises into your workout to see major fitness gains and a better looking butt

Contrary to popular belief, your abs aren’t the only group of muscles that have a major effect on total body strength and power. Your glutes are among the strongest muslces in your body and they play a huge role in overall fitness, too. Yet, despite their importance, they are often overlooked and under-trained. [slideshow:1071]

The butt is a powerful tool. The muscles in our backsides help with everything from climbing stairs to running marathons and that’s just the beginning. Our gluteal muscles—The gluteus maximus, medius and minimus—are three of the most critical muscles that keep humans standing upright. Without those muscles, we wouldn’t be able to walk or maintain balance—and heavy lifting, forget about it.

It is imperative, then, that we make an effort to strengthen and fortify these muscles. If total body fitness and proficiency at everyday tasks isn’t enough motivation, these 9 exercises will tone your behind and have your butt looking better than ever. How's that for incentive?

Box Jumps

Start by choosing a height that feels comfortable, but is still challenging. When jumping, the goal is to get both feet firmly planted on top of the box at the same time. This move provides both great cardio and strength benefits.

Repeat this move for 10-20 reps, depending on your level of fitness.

Straight-Leg Deadlifts

Start with an amount of weight that feels comfortable, but challenging. The weights should be on the floor in front of your toes and when you reach down for them keep your legs straight and your lower back bent. Pull the weight off the floor slowly until your upper body is at a 90 degree angle, then lower, keeping your legs straight, butt out and toes pointed up.

Repeat this move for 8-12 reps, depending on your level of fitness.

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