The 9 Most Intense Bike Locks

Intense bike locks that are revolutionizing the way we keep bikes safe

As technology progresses, we see it start to affect everything we know. Bikes are no exception.  Bikes have gotten lighter, faster, more tech-friendly and locks are coming along for the ride. More and more bike locks are being introduced with bluetooth capabilities and different applications. Will these locks stand up against the thievery that commonly happens in the cities we ride?

In the next couple years, keep your eye out for a few of these locks becoming very popular, especially for urban cyclers. Each one claims to be the first of its kind. And let’s hope that this technology can help in keeping our bikes safe on the streets.

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Here we’ve compiled a list including the newest advancements and some of our old, intense favorites. Intensity ranges from tech specs to design. We hope that the higher priced, more technological models can make our lives a little easier, but we also know that models such as Kryptonite’s New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock will always stand the test of time.

From the elegant TiGr® lock to the intimidating Master Lock street cuffs, there is an intense lock for every style. The Skylock’s technology keeps track of your well-being. If you fall off your bike the lock will feel the fall and send a message to your phone asking if you need emergency service.

Many of the bluetooth capable locks also implement bike sharing. They allow you to either add people to your lock or gives an electronic code so that you can share your bike with anyone who has the mobile application.

Intense in design, technology and application, these locks set the standards in revolutionizing the way you protect your bike.

Click here for the 9 most intense bike locks.

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