Skipping Snack Time, Too Much Coffee and 7 Other Habits That Ruin Your Evening Workout

Avoid these habits during the day to make sure your evening trip to the gym isn't a bust

Evening workouts are an excellent way to unwind after a long day. The stress-reducing effects of exercise can put your mind and body at ease even after the most hectic of days.

Of course, the act of getting yourself to the gym (or wherever you work out) can easily be stress-inducing in itself. By the time you finally silence a frenzy of last-minute emails, collect all of your gear and, if you’re lucky well-prepared, get your hands on a quick snack, you might start to question your decision to even exercise at all.

The bad news is that this hectic process of getting ready for your evening workout should start long before you're almost ready to close up shop for the day. The good news, though, is that it actually doesn't need to be hectic at all.

By planning ahead and avoiding bad habits throughout the day, not only will getting to the gym be a piece of cake, but you'll be able to take your workouts to a whole new level.

Why would you want to do that? Well, the health benefits that you can gain from exercise will likely become increasingly more noticeable, and you'll probably also find that your fitness goals will will be realized at a much faster rate.

The more focused you are and the more intense your workout is, the better the results you'll get. But to reach that level you need to make sure that your habits during the day will support and sustain the workout you intend to do later on.

One of my favorite quotes (apparently coined by Jenny Craig) sums this all up pretty well; “It’s not what you do once in a while; it’s what you do day in and day out that makes the difference.”

In other words, the time you spend in the gym is only a small part of the equation. All of the other habits that you keep outside of that time affect your health, fitness and yes, even your workouts, too. But whether those habits will help you or hurt you is completely up to you.

Ready to ramp your evening workouts up a few notches? Make sure to avoid these mistakes you might be making during the day. With the right preparation beforehand you can turn a dreaded after-work trip to the gym into the best sweat session of your life.


Boston-based personal trainer and group exercise instructor Caroline Earle says that you need to spend more time around the water cooler during the day if you want to get a good workout in later on. “Bring a water bottle to work and keep record of how many times you fill it up," she said. "Each week try to get one more refill than the previous until you reach the recommended daily allowance.”

Skipping Out on Sleep

“We live in a society that fuels themselves on energy drinks and frothy lattes as opposed to simply getting more shut-eye,” said Earle. “Ditch the chemical-laden beverages and opt for more time underneath your sheets. You'll be more refreshed all day long, which means evening workouts won't get neglected.”

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