8 Reasons You Should Be Taking Cold Showers

Research shows cold showers help burn fat, speed workout recovery and help manage symptoms of depression

If asked to name some healthy habits, you probably wouldn’t have much trouble. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and annual check-ups come to mind immediately, but there are some healthy habits that just aren’t as well-known.[slideshow:1207]

Among those lesser known practices is the process of turning the shower knob all the way to blue and standing under ice cold water. It may sound crazy, but research has shown that the drop in temperature can bring a myriad of benefits.

Sure, a cold shower is probably the very last thing you want when winter rolls around, but the chilly dip might just be worth it. In addition to waking you up, a cold shower might also help manage symptoms of depression and give your immune system a boost—not to mention cold water has been known to burn fat and speed workout recovery. So the real question is: what are you waiting for? Take the cold shower plunge and start reaping the health benefits.

Natural Energy Boost

Cold water speeds up your heart rate, causes deeper breathing and sends a rush of energy through the body, creating a natural boost. Though the shower only takes a few minutes, in most cases the energy boost lasts well into the day.

Improved Circulation

A quicker heart rate in response to the chilly water gets blood pumping and the body responds to cold by sending blood to the vital organs. Better circulation is good for cardiovascular health and helps us recover faster from strenuous exercise.

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