8 Reasons to Exercise With a Personal Trainer

How you can make the most of your workout with a personal trainer's pro help

Despite your preconceived biases about personal trainers, the truth is that many fitness professionals have much more to offer than muscle-head weightlifting advice and protein powder recommendations.

Maybe you swore off working with a trainer after being approached by an overbearing, client-hungry, newbie on the prowl. Or maybe you’ve never entertained the idea because you thought it cost too much, or just wasn’t for you. But the truth is, no matter what your fitness goals are, and whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, working with a personal trainer could take your exercise routine from boring and bland to exciting and, yes, maybe even enjoyable.

Here are eight reasons you should consider working with a personal trainer.

1. You’ll Be Forced to Define Your Goals
Finally put an end to wandering around the gym without a plan or a clue. The first and most important part of establishing any fitness routine is to clearly define your goals. A good personal trainer will take the time to find out exactly what you hope to achieve through your fitness regimen and come up with a detailed plan to help you get there.

2. You’ll Learn Proper Exercise Form
If you’re not going to exercise safely, there’s really no point in exercising at all. Working with a knowledgeable personal trainer will allow you to learn how to properly use gym equipment and the best techniques for all different types of exercises.

3. You’ll Learn New Exercises
There’s more to working out than running on the treadmill and dumbbell bicep curls. A good personal trainer will introduce you to a wide variety of exercises while also teaching you about which muscles you’re working out and why.

4. You’ll Stay Motivated
While you’re working out, your personal trainer will be by your side, pushing you to keep going when that little voice in your head is telling you to stop. No matter what your goal is, that’s the moment when your hard work matters most.

5. You’ll Be Held Accountable
If he/she does their job right, your trainer will keep close track of your progress. Aside from motivating you during your actual workouts, they'll have you check in on a daily or weekly basis to help keep you focused.

6. You’ll Be Committed
Working with a personal trainer means scheduling specific times for your workouts. Committing to a set a date and time will make you much less likely to bail on your workout. Dealing with your own disappointment because you hit the snooze button is one thing, but disappointing your trainer will probably come with a little bit more guilt and a few extra consequences.

7. You’ll Have a Support System
A personal trainer is more than just someone who tells you what exercises to do and how many times to do them. An effective trainer will also act as a support system and should be someone who you can confide in when you’re feeling un-motivated, frustrated or confused.

8. Your Fitness Routine Will Stay Fun and Interesting
One of the fastest routes to fitness failure is boredom. If you don’t look forward to your workouts, or can’t get excited about going to the gym, you’re chances of skipping out and “vegging out" increase greatly. An effective trainer will not only create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals, but will also make your workouts fun, and continue to keep you coming back for more.