8 Reasons to Date a Cyclist

Even studies show that dating a cyclist is worth your while
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Cyclists may seem like intense, solo riders. They get very caught up in their fit way of life. But, they actually make great companions. And there are a few genuinely solid reasons that dating a cyclist can be a great time.

1. They’re attractive.

Not only do cyclists look good in skin tight clothing, but a study has actually proven that there is relationship between attractiveness and performance. The study showed that professional cyclists who performed better in the 2012 Tour de France were found more attractive to females.

2. They’re super fit.

Look at them. Serious cyclists don’t have any flab to be seen, and many have body fat percentages in single digits. Cycling burns fat, builds muscle, and is great cardio. 

3. They’re smart.

According to The Independent, a psychological study conducted at Mindlab found the cyclists are considered to be 13 percent more intelligent than other people. Not to mention all that time concentrating on the road works those brain muscles

4. They’re handy.

Cyclists know how to fix their own bikes. They are good with tools and quick fixes.

5. They’re environmentally-friendly.

Cycling is the greenest way to get around on two wheels. Cyclists love being outside in the fresh air, and as their workout space, would hate for anything to disrupt the environment.

6. They live longer.

A study found that French participants in the Tour de France lived longer than the same aged French non-cyclists.

7. They’re committed.

Along with living a longer life, cyclists will commited and determined to be there for you. Cycling has it’s fair share of wipe outs, and they always get back up.

8. They like to travel.

Cycling tours, races, bike paths, you name it, there are so many travel options for cyclists. Not to mention, they can just hop on a bike and travel without spending money on transportation.

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