8 Memorable Great American Family Hikes

Get the family together for these easy yet exciting day hikes

Getting the family together can sometimes be difficult. Getting them together and outside, away from distracting technologies and toys is an entirely different story. But, in honor of Family Hiking Day this Saturday, we should all get out in the Great Outdoors to appreciate all it has to offer. [slideshow:1105]

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Family Hiking to some is a magical, memorable experience, to others the memories stick but sometimes they aren’t so pleasant. The problem is keeping younger kids alert and amused can be difficult on the trail. The key to preventing distraction, though, is inspiring adventure.

Some hikes inspire adventure more strongly with their bright colored rock formations, damp caves, brightly colored flowers, or surreal trees and logs. Also, sticking to a shorter, less intensive day hike makes for a more enjoyable experience for the youngsters.

So, with that in mind, we took a look at some of the best, most memorable hikes around the U.S. and found the ones that kids would love. All of these National Parks also hold special ranger programs, and many of them have free Junior Ranger Programs where kids can get a badge from learning all about the park and conservation. Sesame Street has even gotten involved in promoting National Parks, the fun they offer, and how to protect them.

Get the whole family together, and plan a fun-filled day of exploring all that nature has to offer.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve–Dunes/ Medano Creek

Take a hike through the Great Sand Dunes. The kids will love playing in the sand or sliding down a dune. Then take a splash in Medano Creek at the base of the dunes.

Arches National Park–Broken Arch

There are many interesting rock formations in Arches National Park. With a number of short trails, the whole family can enjoy exploring the different arches, sand dunes, and slick rock.

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