8 Islands You'll Never Step Foot On

Outsiders are unwelcome at these exclusive, off-limits destinations

Remember when you were younger and your parents told you that you could be anything you want to be; do anything you want to do; go anywhere you want to go? Well it was nice of them to encourage you, but their advice wasn’t entirely true. Sure, you can pursue your dream job, and nothing’s stopping you from setting out to achieve your wildest dreams, but although the list of places you can travel to around the world is seemingly endless, it is in fact limited.

For example, some of the world’s most affluent individuals have purchased and privatized their own islands, rendering them entirely off-limits to any outsiders. Other sites have been dubbed out-of-bounds by the government for the sake of safety, and some have been restricted exclusively for research.

You’ll probably never get the chance to set foot on these islands; not because it's physically impossible but simply because you’re not allowed. Whether they are the private abodes of multi-millionaires or simply uninhabitable thanks to nature's fury, these islands are completely off limits. In other words, unless you can shell out the big bucks or attempt to trespass on your own, you’ll never be able to mark a pin in them on your bucket list map.