8 Habits That Sabotage Your Health—and Fixes

Changing your daily routine is the only way to ensure your success is permanent

Diets with deadlines don’t work. We all know people who start a crazy strict diet and workout plan in January only to be done with it in March, or those friends who diet for an upcoming vacation or event. Sometimes they finish fitter, sometimes not so much. But regardless of that perceived success, those benefits aren’t going to stay unless at least some habits of that diet last. Once they return to old habits, they will also return to their old health and fitness conditions.

It may seem like that’s an obvious statement but many people still struggle with the concept of altering their routine permanently. It sounds like a difficult and painful process but it’s only a matter of identifying the big problems and finding realistic solutions.

Any permanent change in your health and body requires a constant routine. A sort of code you follow each day. Some people choose to make one change at a time and others take it all on at once, what matters is that these changes stick.

If you normally skip breakfast or always go for a bagel, try switching to a healthier option. If you’re not planning out your lunches then you need to start, and if you keep bailing on the gym after work you should make it an official appointment.

The good news is, what you’re doing right now is a healthy habit. Seeking out and reading up on ways to improve your health is a big step in the right direction. Canadian Researchers found that when they sent diet and exercise advice to more than 1,000 people, those that read the advice took steps to improve their health more frequently and consistently.

Doing better starts with knowing better. So keep reading up on our health and fitness advice and check out the 8 ways you’re sabotaging your health and how you can fix it.

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