8 Great Home Workout DVDs

Skip the gym with these fat-burning, strength building workouts

By Michael Pascual—Do you want to exercise, but hate going to the gym? If so, don’t worry—there are lots of home workout DVDs that can get you into great shape without having to deal with membership fees and locker rooms.

Check out these exercise DVDs that can help you lose weight and get ripped.

Lose Weight

1. The Biggest Loser: The Workout

Based on the training regimen from the exercise reality show of the same name, The Biggest Loser: The Workout will help you shed pounds. The program offers different challenge levels for people with different goals. Results can be achieved in just six to eight weeks, depending on how often the exercises are done.

2. S.W.A.T. Workout: Extreme Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Developed by retired S.W.A.T. team commander, Tom Stroup, the S.W.A.T. Workout collection offers a variety of training programs. This specific video is designed for those who want to burn fat and keep it off.

They can take out rooms full of bad guys; let S.W.A.T. take out your weight problem.

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3. Yoga for Weight Loss for Beginners

One of the best-selling yoga DVDs currently on Amazon, Maggie Rhoades guides viewers through a basic introduction to yoga in the Yoga for Weight Loss for Beginners DVD. The video shows its audience how to slowly and correctly perform 12 basic yoga exercises that promote weight loss. This is also helpful because the slow, precise pace will help you see exactly what parts of the body are exercised with each motion.

4. Zumba Fitness

“Party yourself into shape!” is the tagline of the Zumba Fitness DVD collection. This 5-disc set allows you to practice red-hot Latin dance moves in the privacy of your own home. Programs contained in the collection include a step-by-step breakdown of each dance move, a 45-minute orientation class, and several different routines with different physical purposes. The exercise DVD set also includes a pair of one-pound Zumba toning sticks to help you with your workout.

5. Diamond Dallas Page Yoga

A new style of yoga from former WWE superstar Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga combines traditional yoga with dynamic resistance and power movements. Athletes can use this exercise DVD to heal from injuries and increase sports performance; non-athletes can use it to relieve joint pain and lose weight.

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Get Ripped

6. P90X

Developed by fitness guru Tony Horton and Beachbody Inc., P90X (Power 90 Extreme) promises “to get you into the best shape of your life” in 90 days. One of the most popular exercise DVDs in the U.S. right now, P90X can even be downloaded as an iPhone app. The program incorporates 12 intense cross-training exercises, specially designed home-gym equipment, and a nutrition program to help you fuel your workouts.

7. Insanity

Personal trainer Shaun T leads viewers through exercises that build strength, power, resistance, and muscle tone. This 10-disc exercise DVD set does not require any weights or home gym equipment because it focuses on exercises where the body uses gravity and its own resistance to train. The program also comes with online support tools, an elite nutrition program, and an exercise calendar to track your progress. Performing Insanity’s exercises correctly and consistently can burn 1,000+ calories per hour and is claimed to show results within 60 days. (See our Fad Fitness Challenge for more on Insanity.)

8. Rush Fit

Created by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Georges St-Pierre, known as “Rush” to his fans, Rush Fit will get you into championship shape. Hosted by St-Pierre’s trainer, Erik Owings, Rush Fit uses high-intensity MMA workouts and circuit training to burn fat and build muscle. Each of the program’s six DVDs focuses on a specific type of training (e.g. strength & endurance, explosive power) and the entire collection contains over 550 minutes of intense training to get you in the best shape of your life.

Georges St-Pierre says, “After 8 weeks with this program, you may not want to fight me…but you’ll look like you could.”

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Cool Down

Now that you have an idea of just a few of the exercise DVDs offered by the fitness industry, see for yourself if this is something you’d like to incorporate into your fitness program. No matter what kind of workout goals you have, there is an exercise DVD for you. Shop around for a while and decide which program or collection is best for you. Work hard, play harder, and rock the body you’ve always wanted!

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