8 Essential Products for Trail Runners

8 Essential Products for Trail Runners

Spun Merino means one thing: Comfort. These socks are built with a deep heel pocket, reinforced tip and heel and arch brace for optimum sensitivity and support. They moonlight as a great biking sock, too.

Hydrating during trail runs is always good. And easy-to-use handheld water bottles like the Quickdraw Plus keep hydration concerns in check. The zippered pocket allows you to carry gel packs for extra nutrition, and give you that extra peace of mind when you to stretch out that trail run.

Built with a polycarbonate, shatterproof lens, these polarized, photochromatic sport glasses provide high optics, darken and lighten without losing hue or contrast, yet still shield you from the sun’s UV rays. Adjustable nose pads and temple tips allow for custom fit.

These mid-length shorts are a solid option for road, trail and everything in between. Lightweight, moisture-wicking poly is ideal for wet or humid weather, while breathable mesh inserts keep you chill from the inside out.

Bring this ultralight windbreaker everywhere. Weighing less than five ounces, you can fold it into its own chest pocket and shove it in the bottom of your pack or, if you'd rather, tie it around your waist. Either way, its a fast way to warm up when you've got a chill. Now you've got a small safety blanket on you at all times, and no legit reason to ever leave it at home.

The virtue of this candy bar is its lack of chocolate, which is a good thing when you're out on a long, hot run, you're sick of energy bars and you still want your sweets. The Salted Nut Roll has a much higher melt temp than traditional chocolate bars, which can be a total mess when you pull one from the depths of a pocket after being out on the trail for an hour. But, Nut Rolls can also chill off quickly when thrown into a stream for a few moments while you replenish your water. Plus, they're delicious.

At less than $25, there's no reason not to buy two of these tech Ts. They've got a relaxed fit, are lightweight and breathable, they last forever and they use their Acclimate antimicrobial treatment to keep BO to a minimum.

The Diablo has a fully articulating harness system for optimum, race-ready fit. Two baffled and two zippered pockets are built into the chest straps to access sundries, gear and food at a moments notice. The rear pouch holds a 96-ounce reservoir, as well as a quick-access, 20-ounce hand held canteen. A large external pocket and central bungee system make stowing and retrieving extra layers a snap. Think of it as the potential MVP for your first ultra, or at least a good excuse to try your own epic.