8 Essential Bike Gadgets for Every Cyclist

8 Essential Bike Gadgets for Every Cyclist

Essential Bike Gadgets for Every Cyclist

Regardless of where you ride, security and safety are main concerns for every cyclist and technology is now helping in big ways. Bike locks that work with your smart phone, lights that are brighter than ever and portable power to keep you going are just a few examples of the top gadgets. When it comes to your next ride, you won’t want to go without these gadgets.

Linka Lock

Bike security is something urban cyclists worry about constantly in the U.S. and considering the rate of bike theft across the country, that worry is warranted. That’s where technology comes in. Recently there have been several smart locks and other devices launching on crowdfunding platforms, with the goal of using technology to keep bikes safe. Linka is one of the very best—the smart device works with an app on your phone to lock when you’re not around and unlock automatically when you approach. If someone tries to tamper with your bike an alarm sounds and an alert is sent to your phone; the app even notifies you if you’re about to leave your bike in an area that’s experienced a high amount of reported bike theft. Talk about smart security.
linkalock.com; pre-order: $99

Siva Cycle Atom

Portable energy generated while you ride—no, it’s not science fiction, it’s The Atom from Siva Cycle. This handy gadget turns your momentum into power for electronics like phones, GoPros, bike lights and pretty much anything USB compatible. You can charge up on the bike or when you need power on-the-go, you can take the removable power pack with you anywhere. For emergency charges, The Atom is a lifesaver.
sivacycle.com; $129

InCOG Biketool by Joshua Brassé

The only thing worse than getting stuck fixing a flat in the pouring rain is getting stuck in the rain without any tools at all—be sure to invest in a small, but practical tool kit (and learn how to use it). When you need a quick repair or even a slight adjustment for comfort’s sake, you’ll be glad you have it on-hand. In terms of discreet tool kits, the InCOG Biketool and the tire repair kit are impossible to beat. The tiny kit slips inside your handlebars and locks in place for when you need it and the tools included should fit most of your needs, but they can also easily be swapped out.
ideacious.com; $60


Fixing flat tires can be both time consuming and costly—in fact, some people wouldn’t even know where to start—but this new tool should make the process a whole lot easier. The patchnride is a gadget that is designed to fix a flat in under a minute, without you ever having to remove your tire. The device is small and convenient and the repairs are quick and permanent—the concept is a clear winner.  
patchnride.com; $35

Recon Jet Smart Glasses

Eyewear of the future is here. Not only can the Recon Jet Smart Glasses display your workout data in real-time, but these shades can capture point-of-view photo and video, show you messages from your phone and control your music. With this technology, you won’t have to check your phone mid-workout and since the glasses boast Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, they’ll work with other tracking devices too.
reconinstruments.com; $499 

Orfos Flares

Born out of a Seattle-based bike commuter’s desire to feel safe on the road—even in dark conditions and stormy weather—Orfos Flares are comparable in brightness to car headlights and tail lights. Since a major key to staying safe on the road is being seen, these bright lights are well worth the investment.
orfos.bike; $229 for a set  

Universal Smartphone Mount by Quad Lock

Users have given this mount a four-and-a-half star rating and glowing commendations for its secure hold, ease of use and for the fact that it doesn’t obstruct the phone in any way. Some of the commenters even said they use the holder on their mountain bikes, so a few bumps in the road won’t be an issue.
quadlockcase.com; $40

Flare R Tail Light by Bontrager

With a reported 40 percent of all cycling fatalities in the U.S. attributed to a rear-end collision, according to the League of American Bicyclists, there’s no denying the need for a rear light. The Flare R Tail Light by Bontrager packs in 65 lumens to keep you visible from a mile away, day or night. Two daytime modes and two night time modes, a battery save mode and USB charging ability make this a great choice for any hardcore cyclist and it won’t break the bank.
bontrager.com; $60