8 Coaches on Tackling Your First Half Marathon

Expert advice for your first ever 13.1-mile race

After running for more than 11 years, it’s easy for me to jump ahead when talking about training or sharing my weekly workouts. But I remember when I was just starting out and needed some down to basics advice on how to get started, and really how to keep going even though I sucked!

The most common questions I get emails about are usually related to injuries, shoes and what to eat before/after running. Hopefully over the coming weeks, I can provide answers to a number of those questions.

But to kick us off, I asked eight coaches to share their best advice for tackling your first half marathon, and there's is definitely a theme among what each had to say.

8 Coaches on Tackling Your First Half Marathon:

“Enjoy EVERY milestone. There will be times that you've run farther than ever before and you should reflect and relish that milestone!”- Danica, ChicRunner.com

Build up slowly and enjoy the process! The first half marathon is about teaching your body how to handle increased mileage and to see if you enjoy the distance.“- Heather, BetterWithVeggies.com

If you miss a training day, don’t freak out and try to add the miles on tomorrow… shrug your shoulders and stay on your plan for both your body and mind.” - Taylorr, LiftingRevolution.com

Focus on building the mileage first, speed second. Your first experience should be about finishing the distance. Use number two for improving the pace.” - Amanda, MissZippy.com

When training in a group “always remember it is about your best possible! Not the person on the left or right of you.”- Bobbie, BobbieMcCormick.com

Click here for the final three pieces of half marathon advice!

This story first appeared on runtothefinish.com.


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