7 Thoughts Everyone Has Their First Time Skiing

The hard truth behind everyone’s first time on the mountain

This is going to be awesome, I’ve totally got this! 

Say hello to the next Lindsey Vonn, everybody.

Geez this chairlift is putting us up pretty high.

And this “slope” seems a lot more like the edge of a cliff—yikes that’s steep.

Can I take the chairlift back down?

How “injured” do I have to be in order to have ski patrol come get me?

Giving this a shot… going good, staying on my feet, OK…

I stood for at least 10 seconds though.

Damn these seven-year-olds! How do they get so good?

There’s no way everyone else is this uncomfortable in their boots. 

It’s pure torture.

OK, I think I’ve almost got the hang of it.

Just a few more months of nothing but skiing and I’ll be as good as that seven-year-old!


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