7 Stunning Winter Hikes from 7 Stunning Winter Hikes

7 Stunning Winter Hikes

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7 Stunning Winter Hikes

Winter hiking is not an incredibly popular activity. It is usually taken over by snowshoers and cross country skiers. But some people just want to get outside and experience all that the beautiful snow filled mountains have to offer, without the added gear.

While most mountains become fairly dangerous in the wintertime, and should be visited with caution and care, there are some hikes that experience lighter snows, or flatter lands that allow you to see the winter wonderlands without the dangers of higher altitude hikes.

Here we’ve compiled a few parks and trails that offer fun winter activities and great scenic views for those who want to layer up and bare the cold. From Colorado to Michigan to Maine, these winter hikes are sure to offer stunning views that will make you forget how cold the crisp winds are and appreciate all that nature has to offer.


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