7 Kickass Post-Race Parties Slideshow

7 Kickass Post-Race Parties Slideshow

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Every year on the third Sunday in May, San Franciscans don their wildest looks (and we really mean wildest) and head for the hills in the Bay-to-Breakers race. For the past 101 years, this 12K race certainly put the “fun” in fun run. While the event is technically alcohol-free, hundreds of  participants are drinking out of red Solo cups before, during and most certainly after the event. Once you make it to the finish, the good times continue to roll: Not only are there tents with an array of great food and music, but clubs and restaurants throughout the city set up specific parties to keep the endorphins pumping all day and night long.

When: Late May
Where: San Francisco, CA
More info: zazzlebaytobreakers.com


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