7 Gifts for Bicycle Commuters

The Active Times Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Several items from our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide make great additions to the avid cyclist’s commuting kit. Check out our picks below:

1. Card Ninja

It’s a common nuisance when cycling: finding a place to stash both your phone and the contents of your wallet—minus the wallet. The Card Ninja, which combines the two, is an elegant solution. This slim adhesive mini-wallet sticks to almost any phone (or phone case) and can hold on tight to your ID, some credit cards and cash. $19.95; cardninja.com

2. Topeak Road Morph G Pump

In theory, any old mini pump will get you aired up and back on the road, but in practice most pump designs call for a whole lot of monkeying around, and many won’t reach the high pressure needed by road bikes. It’s not hard to long for a floor pump in these situations—and that’s where the Topeak Road Morph G comes in. The design brilliantly integrates the best aspects of a floor pump—namely, it de-couples the pumping action from the crucial pump-head/valve-stem connection. It also retains the promise of a mini pump: it’s lightweight (220 grams) and portable (only 14-inches long). The Road Morph G’s flip-out base provides a stable pumping platform and the in-line gauges makes it easy to read your pressure rating—all the way to 160 PSI. —Chris Lesser
$45; topeak.com

3. Velo Bling Jewelry

Show your cycling sweetie some love this holiday season with one-of-a-kind jewelry made from new and recycled bicycle parts. Based near Denver, artist Ed Dunne and crew put the words “chain” in “chain necklace” ($37) and “link” in “cufflink” ($40). velobling.com

4. Fix It Sticks

Tightening a bolt on the road shouldn’t have to mean choosing between an awkward-to-use multi-tool or a bulky set of wrenches. These clever, packable “sticks” each come with two permanently installed bits and can be combined into a T-shape for extra leverage. Sets of two come in commonly used sizes (4,5,6 mm hex, Torx 25, Phillips #2&3, slotted) and a choice of aluminum (extra light) or chrome steel (extra strong). $30; fixitsticks.com

5. Ryders Saber Sunglasses

These superlight, minimalist sunglasses weigh in at a scant 24 grams (less than an ounce!). The contoured design is sleek and aerodynamic, sure, but the unique lens geometry allows wearers a much larger field of vision than you’d guess by looking at them. That’s one reason they’re so perfect for technical pursuits like mountain biking, trail running and triathlons. Hydrophilic technology on the nose pads and ears keep them from slipping off your sweat-slicked face, so you can focus on the task at hand, and a set of three easily swappable lenses means you’ll be prepared for all light conditions. —Jeff Burke
$70; ryderseyewear.com

6. Action Wipes

Unless you’re one of the lucky few bike commuters with a shower at your workplace, you likely start your workday with a sticky layer of sweat coating your body (not to mention your clothes). A quick wipe-down with these pre-moistened towels will get you smelling like sunshine—actually tea tree oil and eucalyptus—in no time. $25; actionwipes.com

7. Freitag Moss & Roy Commuter Bags

Your precious cargo will be safe at hand in these stylish urban commuter bags made from recycled truck tarps and seatbelts. Swiss company Freitag has been turning this ultra-durable material into commuter gear since 1993, and because every upcycled tarp is different, every bag has a unique design. New for the season, the Moss ($260) and larger Roy ($310) both have padded pockets for laptops up to 15 inches—the sleeve is removable in the Roy—and plenty of storage. And if price is holding you back, just remember that these will stand up to years of abuse on the road—after all, they already did. freitag.ch  (Photo by Bruno Alder)

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