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7 Best Base Layers

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Eco Dry Crew and Pant by Orage

At the top of our list when it came to performance, Orage provides a complete base layer solution in the form of the Eco Dry Crew and Pant combination. Made up of super warm FoundationDry™ material, the Eco Dry outfit kept our notoriously sweaty backcountry testers dry on the skin up and warm on the ride down. Not only is Orage our new mainstay when it comes to temperature regulation, they are also champs when it comes to minimizing your environmental footprint by using 92% recycled materials.
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Columbia Sportswear

Omni-Heat Baselayer Bottoms by Columbia Sportswear

You know how those emergency rescue blankets are silver and shiny to reflect heat back to you in a temperature-related emergency? Pretty basic stuff in the stay-warm department. That’s why it’s such a wonder it’s taken this long for the ingenious minds at Columbia to think up their revolutionary Omni-Heat Baselayer idea. Little reflective metallic dots (called Omni-Heat Reflective) are laminated to the interior of Columbia’s base layer bottoms in order to reflect the wearer’s body heat back to them. The spacing of the dots allows excess heat and perspiration to escape making for a super warm base layer that is also spectacularly breathable and light.
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Helly Hansen

Dry Revolution Pant by Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is basically the staple of a serious backcountry wardrobe. But this tried and true brand isn’t just about waxed denim and scuba-grade waterproofing. They’ve taken all that same ingenuity and funneled it into the killer Dry Revolution Pant. These pants quickly and effectively move moisture to the outside of the base the instant you sweat, leaving your skin dry. Why? The polypropylene LIFA fibers can’t absorb moisture at all, so sweat gets pushed through the material to be absorbed by your other layers to keep you dry as a bone.
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Stabilyx Tights by CW-X

The realization that your joints aren’t going to last forever is a common one as you ease your aching muscles into bed after a long day on the slopes. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the Stabilyx Tights by CW-X are the spoonful of sugar that may help to ease that bitter medicine. These compression tights rock a support web of tight fabric that wraps around the knee and flows up and down the legs, helping to keep the whole thing stabilized while you ride.While testing, the variable compression up and down the legs facilitated circulation, keeping our legs feeling fresh on long skins and sustained downhill runs. Basically they make you feel like Superman, even if you’re far from it.
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Cloud Nine 2.0 Scoop Top and Bottom by Terramar Sports

A women’s base layer that can actually perform and stay where it’s supposed to is like finding a unicorn. Finding one that does all that and still looks good is like riding that unicorn through a field of four-leafed clovers. Lightly insulated and fast drying, Terramar’s Climasense Thermoregulation Comfort fabric kept us warm on even the chilliest of days, and with its curve flattering cut and scooped neckline we weren’t ashamed to rock it in the lodge for cocktails after-hours, either.
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One-Piece Base layer by Patagonia

Yeah, it may look a little like a Snuggie (or a “ninja-suit”, as our testers liked to say) but one-piece base layers are really the ultimate in base layer protection. They seal out any drafts and cover the majority of your body, making for a perfect base layer in cold conditions. Made entirely of Polartec’s Power Dry High Efficiency fabric that eliminates seams and cold spots, the One-Piece by Patagonia even has a drop bottom if you plan on staying in your gear all day—no bathroom breaks needed!
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Midweight Crew LS Shirt and Pants by Burton

Comfort from an extra-long body, a relaxed fit and soft, flat anti-chafe seams combine with some surprising tech perks for one of our favorite base layer sets. The DRYRIDE Ultrawick jersey fabric keeps you warm by wicking away sweat and drying quickly, while the UPF 50 rating keeps the sun from baking you. Looks-wise, you can hardly go wrong with camouflage print. Plus, it allows you to hide in the woods easily the next time you get busted ducking ropes.
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