This 6-Year-Old Surfer’s Story Will Inspire You to Follow Your Dreams

Quincy Symonds is probably the best six-year-old surfer and skater in the world
Vimeo/ABC Open

Some scientists speculate that the world’s most elite athletes can perform at above average capacities because of natural talent, rather than practiced skill. And while this theory hasn’t been studied to an extent that can prove it 100 percent true, this six-year-old surfer’s story could be the next example to increase evidence that supports the theory.

Astonishingly enough, Quincy Symonds spent the first few years of her life in and out of hospitals. In a recent video produced by ABC Open, her mother Kim Symonds explains how Quincy was born with an adrenal insufficiency; her body doesn’t produce enough cortisone and she depends on three doses of steroids daily.

Yet she’s never let her illness stop her from enjoying what she loves to do most: surf and skate.  

“I started surfing when I was four,” she explains in the video. “I don’t really get scared in the ocean… They call me The Flying Squirrel.”

According to her mom, Quincy didn’t even know what surfing was when she expressed her desire to try out the sport.

“She asked me where her daddy was in the mornings and I said the he was surfing,” her mom recalls. “Quincy being as stubborn as she can be stood at the door for 45 minutes waiting for her dad to come home and said, ‘Daddy I’m going to come surfing with you tomorrow.’ He said, ‘Do you know what surfing is?’ and she said ‘No, but I’m going to do it tomorrow.’”

Talk about an innate ability.

“I’m amazed by it,” says her dad, Jake Symonds. “I’m really proud of it, but to be honest, I can’t comprehend how she does it, and how she’s done it so quickly.”

Now Quincy works with Anthony Pope, an expert surf coach who’s previously worked with world-class athletes. He contends that she’s probably the best six-year-old surfer and skater in the world right now. He says that he sees the potential of a world class athlete in her.

“Quincy is an amazing human; she’s like no other human I’ve ever met before,” Pope said. “She has no fear and she tackles life head on every single day. I definitely think she has the ability to go all the way.”

But whether or not she goes pro isn’t as important to her and her parents as is her health and happiness.

“Sometimes it’s a battle to keep her healthy,” her mom said. “If she can wake up every day and just be happy being herself, whether it’s surfing, skating, playing the drums, riding her bike—it doesn’t matter. It’s all about being happy.”

A small surfer makes big waves from ABC Open on Vimeo.

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